Devil's Dyke

Devilís Dyke, just five miles north of Brighton, offers stunning panoramas, a record breaking valley, a curious history and Englandís most colourful habitat.
At nearly a mile long, the Dyke valley is the longest, deepest and widest 'dry valley' in the UK. Legend has it that the Devil dug this chasm to drown the parishioners of the Weald. On the other hand, scientists believe it was formed naturally just over 10,000 years ago in the last ice age.
With a little exploring the Dyke's story starts to reveal itself: The ramparts or walls of the Iron Age hill fort can be seen when you walk around the hill and the remains of the curious Victorian funfair can be found just a few minutes from the car park. Venture into the valley and you will discover a living carpet of flowers and a myriad of colourful insects.
When John Constable described the panorama from Devilís Dyke as 'the grandest view in the world', he wasnít wrong, but there is so much more to discover here than just a beautiful view.

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